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Markets & Economics

Working collaboratively, our consulting and analytics team and flagship publication group, Salva Report, delivers marketing, supply & demand studies and commodity forecasting to companies worldwide. 



HDR | Salva specialises in the exploration phase of resource development and provides individual geologists for field support right through to “turn-key” exploration management solutions for projects of all sizes, geographies and complexities. 


Feasibility & Permitting

From target generation to project feasibility studies and due diligence assignments, our teams of experts manage the coordination of a wide variety of mining studies. 


HDR | Salva offers a full suite of facility design and infrastructure services including rail, port and power to support the successful development of a mine.


HDR | Salva offers comprehensive and integrated services to assist our clients in maximising the value of their projects through implementation of efficient mining techniques. 



Experience speaks volumes and at HDR | Salva, we have a proven track record in the closure and rehabilitation planning for mining operations around the world.



Technical Services

HDR | Salva’s consulting team comprises of skilled professionals that provide the necessary technical services across the resource lifecycle. 


Strategic Services

Our teams of consultants specialise in services beyond the norm including prospecting, drilling, and other work activities involved in searching for ore bodies or coal reserves. 



Latest News


Zinc Commodity Update

June 25, 2014 Zinc is used for galvanisation of steel, corrosion protection and for die casting complex shape. Global consumption in 2013 was 13.5 Mt of zinc (4% y-o-y growth), with China consuming 46% of the world’s zinc. Chinese demand grew by almost 12% pa in last 10 years. The global growth in this period was around 3%.

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